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Nikhil Enterprise was founded in 1977 to supply market-leading products and the best customer service to India's photography industry.

Over the years, we have seen the industry transform from black & white photography to colour and then digital. We have always been at the forefront of adopting innovation in photography and have supplied our customers with products from leading manufacturers.

Nikhil Enterprise was established in the year 1977 by Mr. Vijay R. Bajaria. The Enterprise was formed to trade in black & white and other photographic materials. It took the enterprise very little time to establish itself as one of the prominent players in the industry and within a few years Nikhil Enterprise emerged as a premier photographic trading house in Mumbai.

Following this success, in the year 1994, the establishment was approached by Kodak to offer distributorship of their Professional Products for the city of Mumbai. This new engagement helped Nikhil Enterprise and Kodak reach new heights and within a span of one year, Nikhil Enterprise not only increased the overall sales of Kodak Pro Products in Mumbai but also left the other distributors behind and gained 78% market share for these products. This was only possible due to the excellent relationship Nikhil Enterprise could develop with its customer and the prompt service offered to them, thus ensuring overall customer satisfaction. 

Since then, the organization did not have to look back and was soon offered distributorship for Fujifilm range of Professional Photographic Products in Mumbai. 

Nikhil Enterprise always exceeded the expectations of their principals and justified the No.1 Distributor position in Mumbai for the range of products it dealt in. 

Expansion of business always came its way. This time it was for Superior seamless background papers in the year 1995 followed by exclusive distribution rights for India. Even for Kodak’s Profoto Films all over Maharashtra. The company then recorded a turnover of Rs. 11 crores. 

Times changed and so did technology. In 2003, Nikhil Enterprise was appointed as distributors for Canon Digital Cameras. This new venture too turned out to be successful. With the organization’s experience and the relationship it enjoyed, trading photography related products over more than 25 years; a good retail network was established almost overnight for the range of Canon Digital cameras by Nikhil Enterprise. 

In 2006, Nikhil Enterprise was appointed distributor of Fujifilm range of Digital Cameras. Fujifilm is amongst the leading giants in the field of photography and related products internationally. The company also imports products from Kenro and Kline. 

Recently, the company has been appointed distributor for Ansmann battery chargers and Full Colors and Image:n inkjet papers and cartridges for Maharashtra. 

And to add a feather in the cap Vitec Group dealing in Manfrotto and Gitzo products has appointed distributorship to Nikhil Enterprise for Western region, i.e. Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Goa. 

Nikhil Enterprise always stepped ahead with advancing technology and photography needs, in the year 2012 colaborated with Wimberley - Tripod Heads PAN India distributorship and recently in the year 2014 tied up with Chimera - Perfect Lighting to serve you with advanced lighting setup for your photography needs. 

And recently we have started a new division for supply of consumable range of products and stationery items. We have very good well experienced staff having experience of over 10 years in stationery business. Our clients are Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, All India Photographic Trade & Industry Association, Seasky Shipping, B.S. Mehta, R. B. Pandya Chartered Accountant and others.

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